MA-Abschluss18. Juni 2020

Eva Rybářová

Still Lifes

The theme of this series is “closure.” It was created in direct response to the quarantine situation caused by the global fight against the Corona virus. Borders were closed very quickly, opening up the idea of a possible process of anti-globalization. In this sense “closure” means finding relative security.
In her photographs, Eva Rybářová cites certain genres and conventions in photography. Based on photographic tradition, her works aim at the kitschy aesthetics of amateur photography. Is it silent defiance in the form of stagnation, or is it a return to familiar and safe territory?



Bis 31. Dezember 2020


Isa Rosenberger

… das weite Land, woher sie kommt

1. Dezember 2020, 10 Uhr